Keeping The Roads Safe For Motorcyclists

There are almost 150,000 motorcycles on Massachusetts roads. Any one of these motorcyclists can tell you the truth: Motorcyclists run a much greater risk when they are in an accident. When a car hits a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist is the person most likely to suffer life-threatening injuries.

At St. Pierre Law, we understand that you do not deserve to suffer. You do your best to drive safely and deserve to have your case taken seriously. Our attorneys are ready to make sure that the courts pay attention.

Motorcyclists Need A Strong Advocate

All too often, drivers say that motorcyclists "just came out of nowhere" or were reckless. The truth is that drivers are not paying attention. When it comes to motorcycles, drivers just do not care. We hold inattentive drivers accountable for your injuries.

Driver inattention means that motorcyclists suffer from:

  • Multiple broken bones and compound fractures
  • Severe muscle damage requiring surgery and amputation
  • Brain damage, paralysis and death

Motorcycle accidents cause long-lasting injuries. You need a lawyer who can get you the compensation you need. We help you provide for your injuries, your long-term medical needs and other expenses you may not think of.

We Fight For The Care You Need

Our Newburyport firm spent the past 30 years representing the injured across Massachusetts. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we can leverage our experience and professional network to build the strongest possible case. We work to maximize your settlement. Begin your case by calling our office at 978-225-0496. Is mobility a problem? We will come to you.