Are You Eligible For A Premises Liability Claim?

Many of our clients are unsure if a premises liability claim is the right choice for their injury. The term is not a common one and can sound intimidating. But, the concept is fairly simple. "Premises liability" is a legal term that essentially means property owners are responsible for the injuries that happen on and because of their property.

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Common Examples Of Premises Liability

Premises liability comes in many forms. Homeowners, property owners and others may be held responsible for a wide range of injuries. This depends largely on the individual circumstances at play. But, premises liability is the reason property owners are required to have insurance. Some examples include:

  • An apartment management company fails to meet building codes, leading to injuries.
  • A homeowner fails to clear ice from their sidewalk, causing broken bones or head injuries.
  • A property owner does not appropriately secure their dog, resulting in serious bite wounds.
  • A restaurant owner neglects to properly light their parking lot, leading to injuries and attacks.

If someone did not make a necessary repair or should have known about a safety issue on their property, they can be held responsible for a resulting injury.

Our Firm Pays Attention To The Details

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