Do You Know Who Is Responsible For A Commercial Truck Accident?

Trucking accidents cause significantly more damage than a car crash. Trucks are just so much larger than the average car. Other drivers and passengers on the road are unlikely to walk away from a truck accident uninjured. And, serious injuries mean serious medical bills.

Truck accidents are complicated legally, too. Because many trucking companies contract out their services and truck drivers often operate independently, there can be many potential lawsuits. With 30 years of experience and a vast legal network, St. Pierre Law takes you through your personal injury case. We identify all potential claims and maximize your settlement.

Trucking Accidents Can Have Many Causes

There is more involved in the trucking process than what meets the eye. One misstep in maintenance or planning may lead to your injury at a much later date. Because there is so much at stake, trucking companies are required to carry large insurance policies. But, they also maintain investigators and legal professionals who are experts at helping deny insurance claims.

Our firm is dedicated to personal injury claims. Our lawyers practice personal injury law exclusively and can find the evidence you need for a strong case. We identify issues, such as:

  • Manufacturing errors, including weak tires and improperly machined parts
  • Imbalanced loads and other loading issues
  • Driver misconduct like drinking on the job or driving when overtired

In each accident, the circumstances will change for who is responsible and for what. This means that every truck accident case is different.

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