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After suffering a workplace injury, most people face significant fears and anxieties about how they will afford medical care, long-term injury costs and lost wages. Although the workers' compensation system is the first step for most people, this system is often inadequate for covering the full extent of costs and losses associated with injuries suffered at work.

At The St. Pierre Law in Newburyport, Massachusetts, we have been handling work injury claims since 1989. We combine compassion with experience and an aggressive litigation approach to help our clients obtain full and fair compensation.

Handling All Types Of Workers' Compensation Claims

We take all kinds of workers' compensation claims. From repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel from excessive typing, to broken bones and paralysis from roofing accidents and other construction accidents, and wrongful death claims from fatal accidents, our lawyers are dedicated to obtaining the best compensation awards possible.

We walk clients through the workers' compensation process, making sure all claims are timely filed and accurate. Our lawyers also handle all appeals and stages in the process to give our clients the best chance to receive an acceptable award.

Full Compensation For Work-Related Injuries

Even the best award under workers' compensation will be inadequate to fully cover the long-term costs and damages that arise from a workplace accident. When a third party who is not the employer or a co-worker shares some of the responsibility for the accident that caused the injuries, we can bring a third-party liability claim against that person or entity. Third parties can be outside vendors or corporations who build the equipment used in the workplace.

Through a workers' compensation claim or third-party liability claim, we will do whatever it takes to help you secure your future financial needs and take care of yourself and your family for years to come.

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