Dedicated Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Construction accidents often result in severe and permanent catastrophic injuries. The costs for medical care, pain management, in-home or inpatient care, short-term and long-term wage loss and expenses for daily services can be astronomical.

It takes a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced attorney to manage such complex claims. At St. Pierre Law, we have been handling such claims since 1989. We understand what you and your family are going through. As no two claims are ever alike, we provide personalized representation in helping you find the compensation you deserve.

Providing Proven Representation For Workers In Need

The lawyers at St. Pierre Law are tireless advocates for workers badly injured on the job. We pursue every legal option. This includes pursuing claims through personal injury, workers' compensation and products liability litigation. It also includes making certain that you receive compensation through Social Security and long-term disability.

Great care is required in pursuing compensation for these injuries. Insurers and workers' compensation carriers often make settlement offers that are inadequate. We provide a frank assessment regarding every possible option. We take every step to maximize your recovery. It also means making certain that pursuit of one form of compensation does not disqualify you from receiving other compensation or benefits.

Types Of Catastrophic Injury Cases We Handle

We help individuals suffering:

  • Traumatic brain trauma: As the brain is the most complex organ in the human body, the consequences of brain injuries are often difficult to predict.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Paralysis and quadriplegia result in permanent disability and the need for lifelong medical and rehabilitative care. They also mean making certain your home is handicapped accessible.
  • Toxic exposure: As a part of the job, workers sometimes handle dangerous chemicals. Without safety procedures in place, exposure to such chemicals may lead to severe and sometimes fatal medical conditions such as mesothelioma.
  • Electrocution and severe burns: Burns result in severe and often permanent pain. Treatment regarding such injuries, along with pain management, is absolutely essential.
  • Internal injuries: There are a number of types of internal injuries that are often difficult to detect. We want to make certain that any settlement package covers such injuries for injured workers.

We work toward making certain any settlement you receive meets all the short-term and long-term needs for you and your family.

How To Contact A Workplace Injury Lawyer

St. Pierre Law is located in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Contact our office for a free initial consultation by calling 978-225-0496.