Do You Have Questions About Workers' Compensation?

Many people who come to our office have never had to manage a complex workers' compensation claim before. Like you, they ask many questions. Below are some of the questions people ask us most often about workplace injuries in Massachusetts.

Please remember that every case is different. Your personal situation may require different approaches or a change in the answers to the questions below. The only way to know is to talk to an attorney. Call St. Pierre Law: 978-225-0496.

Can I File A Workers' Compensation Claim On Behalf Of My Loved One?

Some workplace injuries are life-changing. They may cause brain damage, prevent someone from caring for themselves or even lead to death. In those cases, certain family members can file for workers' compensation on their behalf.

How Long Do I Have To File For Workers' Compensation?

Once you become aware of a workplace injury, you have four years to file your claim. It is important that you file as soon as possible.

My Injury Developed Over Time. Does This Qualify?

Yes. Issues like rotator cuff damage and carpal tunnel syndrome are the result of repeated stress. If your injury occurred primarily due to repeated strain in the workplace, you may have grounds for workers' compensation.

Do I Need A Lawyer Or Can I File On My Own?

While a person can file for workers' compensation on their own, this is far from ideal. The best way to maximize your workers' compensation settlement is to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can ensure that your settlement takes your long-term care into account, properly values your time away from work, and provides for your medical and financial needs during recovery.

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