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Three actions to take after a workplace accident

Most people try to avoid injuries whenever possible, but it may not be possible to avoid all injuries. When an injury occurs at work, the injured worker is often eligible to receive certain benefits. These benefits can include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and sometimes vocational rehabilitation.

If you are injured at work, there are several steps you may need to take to get the benefits you may be eligible to receive. Three of the first steps you may need to take include reporting the incident, seeking proper medical care and making detailed notes.

Premises liability: It sounds complex, but entails a simple concept

Even if they have never been involved with a premises liability matter, many Massachusetts readers of our blogs at the tenured Newburyport personal injury firm of St. Pierre Law have likely heard the term.

It sounds complex, doesn’t it?

Making workers’ compensation effective for injured employees

The following scenario happens daily in diverse worksites across the North Shore, Boston and other employment venues spanning Massachusetts.

To wit: an employee suffers a debilitating on-the-job injury sufficiently severe to temporarily – sometimes, even permanently – remove him or her from the workplace.

“Empowerment” is key for a victim after a motor vehicle accident

We raise many material points concerning the post-crash needs and concerns of motor vehicle accident victims on our website at the Newburyport personal injury firm of St. Pierre Law.

Central among them is the necessity of “gathering relevant evidence that empowers [victims] during negotiations.”

Is a gig-economy company liable when its drivers cause crashes?

The gig economy has changed daily life in significant ways for many in the greater Boston area. We can skip driving and instead order a ride from Uber or Lyft. And if we want to dine at home, most restaurants can now have meals delivered through third-party companies like Grubhub.

Unfortunately, drivers for these companies are also responsible for their share of car accidents. And because of their unusual employment relationship with the companies they work for, it is not clear how much liability a given company will assume, if any. That makes it more difficult for injured victims and their families to pursue compensation.

Overdoses lead to more workplace fatalities

The United States is in the grips of an opioid epidemic. Drugs take a toll on nearly every facet of society. In 2017, 70,237 people died from drug overdoses. That number has more than quadrupled since 1999. The New England and Middle Atlantic states are some of the hardest hit, and account for many of the opioid fatalities.

The opioid epidemic has affected the workforce as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace overdose deaths increased at least 25 percent from 2013 to 2017. There were 272 overdose deaths at work in 2017 alone.

Summer months most dangerous for Boston cyclists

The weather is getting warmer, school have let out for the year and summer is nearly here. As it gets nicer outside, more people take to the streets to enjoy the sunshine with family and friends, and that means an increase of bicyclists on the streets. ranked Boston as one of the best cities for bicyclists in the country, and people are ready to take full advantage of what we have to offer.

According to the City of Boston, most serious bicycle accidents happen between the months of May and September. On average, 274 people on bikes are injured during the summer months each year. So now is the perfect time to brush up on bicycle safety tips so you can fully enjoy your time on two wheels.

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