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“Empowerment” is key for a victim after a motor vehicle accident

We raise many material points concerning the post-crash needs and concerns of motor vehicle accident victims on our website at the Newburyport personal injury firm of St. Pierre Law.

Central among them is the necessity of “gathering relevant evidence that empowers [victims] during negotiations.”

That might sound like an elementary focus for any person injured in a vehicle-linked accident, but it is often a necessary reminder. After all, victims of car, truck, motorcycle or other crashes are in the midst of a singular and highly stressful event. Loved ones might also be involved. What exactly happened might understandably be less then clear while things are being sorted.

It is precisely at such a time in any post-crash scenario -- or as soon as possible thereafter -- that victims secure proven legal help from a seasoned personal injury legal team.

The reasons why that is true are many, including these:

  • Insurance companies tasked with paying the bills have agendas that are fundamentally misaligned with maximum recoveries
  • Timely investigatory work needs to be done to ensure accuracy (witness ID/stories, accident reconstruction and so forth)
  • Comprehensive assessment of medical and related needs must be undertaken
  • Negotiation strategies (including a settlement-versus trial analysis) need to be considered and implemented

Victim empowerment relates to far more than evidence gathering, as well. Many injured victims and their affected loved ones find great purpose from invoking a proactive strategy that assigns negligence culpability, deters similar outcomes and helps to secure a maximum recovery for expenses and coupled losses.

We welcome contacts to our firm concerning motor vehicle accident injuries from individuals in the North Shore and Boston area, as well as from other parts of Massachusetts.

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