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Premises liability: It sounds complex, but entails a simple concept

Even if they have never been involved with a premises liability matter, many Massachusetts readers of our blogs at the tenured Newburyport personal injury firm of St. Pierre Law have likely heard the term.

It sounds complex, doesn’t it?

We underscore that on our website, noting that premises liability can make for seemingly “intimidating” subject matter.

At its core, though, what it entails is relatively simple. The essential thrust of premises liability is its onus upon property owners and managers to keep their premises reasonably safe. When they fail to do so, individuals who suffer injuries because of their negligence can sue for a legal recovery.

Actually, most of us are readily familiar with one classic example of a premises liability incident. We suspect that virtually all our readers have seen some slapstick version of a person who goes airborne in a store after slipping on a banana peel carelessly left in an aisle.

That might be funny in the fictional realm, but any type of injury owing to third-party negligence that occurs to an individual in real life can yield serious -- even catastrophic -- consequences. Here are just a few representative premises liability scenarios that lead to injuries for innocent parties:

  • Apartment manager’s failure to keep units and building safe (e.g., stairwells in disrepair, busted locks, fire hazards and disregard of municipal safety codes)
  • Potentially dangerous onsite conditions unattended to by homeowners (such as slippery sidewalks or a vicious dog left unleashed)
  • Business owners’ neglect concerning safety of adjoining lots and parking areas
  • Amusement park ride mishaps

There are of course many additional bullet points that could be added to the above list.

Individuals and families have a legal right to be reasonably safe while on the property of others. Questions or concerns regarding a premises liability matter can be directed to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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