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Most common causes of distracted driving

It is very easy to allow your attention to drift away from the road while you are driving. There are numerous distractions in contemporary society. Everything from hearing the sound of your cell phone ringtone to noticing something interesting outside your car can interfere with your concentration.

This is why distracted driving has evolved into such a significant issue in the United States. Taking your eyes off the road for a split second may not seem like a big deal, but this issue contributes to thousands of deaths every year. Distracted driving was responsible for 4,637 deaths in 2018, which is a significant increase from previous years. Lowering these statistics requires a significant change from American people, and that starts with identifying the primary causes of the issue.


The most common cause of distracted driving may also be the most difficult to prevent. Daydreaming is something that affects literally everyone. It is simply a matter of allowing your attention to shift from the road to something going on in your mind.

Maybe you read an interesting passage in a book and are still analyzing it in your head. You could have had a tough conversation with someone and are thinking about how you could have better handled the situation. Put simply, daydreaming can affect anyone in a number of different ways.

Using your cell phone

Cell phones have allowed people from across the globe to communicate in a number of different ways. You can call your best friend across the country, send a quick text to a concerned parent, pass time playing with an application or a variety of other things. With so many options, it is only natural that cell phones have become a leading cause of distracted driving.

Taking a quick glance at your phone can be the difference between getting into an accident and narrowly avoiding a worst-case scenario. Put your cell phone down while you drive to avoid this issue. If you absolutely must use your phone, it is much safer to pull over than attempt to multitask.

Looking at something outside

Almost everyone is guilty of allowing something intriguing outside your vehicle to capture their attention. This could be as simple as reading a billboard. Anything outside your vehicle that pulls your eyes from where they need to be may contribute to distracted driving. The best way to prevent this is to simply recognize when your attention is slipping and attempt to shift your focus back to the road.

Passengers in your vehicle

You probably do not even realize how distracting the passengers in your vehicle can be. Whether you are having an in-depth conversation with a buddy or attempting to calm your children in your back seat, passengers can have a negative impact on your ability to drive. To keep both yourself and the people in your vehicle safe, make sure that your focus is always on your driving.

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