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Increase your following distance to prevent a rear-end crash

There aren't many times when you're the only person on the road. Instead, you're sharing it with many others, which means you must take a variety of steps to prevent trouble.

Increasing your following distance is one of the best ways to prevent a rear-end crash. Here are some situations in which you should consider doing so:

  • Road conditions are less than ideal: For example, if the roads are wet or covered in snow, it'll take longer to stop your vehicle. A greater following distance will keep you safer if you have to suddenly bring your vehicle to a stop.
  • Low visibility: If you're driving at night or in heavy rain, fog or snow, you can expect your visibility to be less than ideal. This makes it difficult to see when the vehicle in front of yours is stopping, so increasing your distance will keep you safer.
  • When following a large vehicle: When behind a commercial truck or bus, you're unable to fully see the road ahead. So, you're also unable to see if traffic suddenly comes to a stop. It's best to leave a few extra car lengths of following distance to protect yourself.

While you understand the importance of increasing your following distance at certain times, other drivers don't take the same approach.

If you're struck from behind, such as when sitting at a stop sign or traffic light, it's possible that you'll suffer a serious injury, such as whiplash. In addition to receiving immediate medical treatment, learn more about your legal rights for seeking compensation from the person who struck you from behind.

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